European Deafblind Youth

Welcome to European Deafblind Youth (EDBY), an independent organisation brought together by and for deafblind youth in Europe. EDBY’s mission is to empower, inform and connect people with deafblindness. Our main means of communication are International Signs and English.


Deafblindness (DB) is a cultural rather than a medical term and refers to people with different degrees of hearing and visual impairment. There are different forms, including deafblind (first deaf, later blind or orientated only spoken language), blinddeaf (first blind, later deaf) and birth-deafblind (as the medical term), each using different forms of communication.


Since 2022, the number of empowered deafblind people has grown steadily. This is a our key focus of our organisation to support deafblind young people across Europe. We are committed to promoting identity development in the context of deafblindness, an area that has often been overlooked.

Our projects

An important project is the European Deafblind Youth Camp, which took place for the first time in Belgium in 2022. Further camps are planned every two years. Further EDBY’s programme includes workshops, conferences, professional meetings and other educational initiatives.

Our mission

Our core mission is to combat the social isolation that many deafblind people experience. We want to give them the opportunity to discover meaning, happiness and hope in their lives. Combating the problems of neglect, taboo and alienation in society remains a major challenge. We know that we urgently need educational programmes, role models and initiatives that specifically address the needs of deafblind people.


Through EDBY’s tireless support, deafblind people can advance their personal development, develop their unique identities and find their place in society. We encourage them to realise their full potential and be inspired to build a better future. We also actively work with the European Deafblind Union (EDbU) and the European Union of Deaf Youth (EUDY), which play a central role in the cooperation and shared future of the deafblind community.


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