On this page you will find all the important information about the European Deafblind Youth Camp (EDBY Camp) at 2024 in Germany. This special event takes place every two years and is dedicated to empowerment, networking and youth work for deafblind youth. The last camp was held in Belgium in 2022 and here we are taking the next step with more participants and more in-depth topics.

Place & time

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The European Deafblind Youth Camp 2024 will take place from 21 to 31 July in Germany, exactly in Oer-Erkenschwick, a town in the Ruhr area, which lay across western Germany and is close to the cities of Dortmund, Essen, Dusseldorf and Munster. The Ruhr area impresses with its fascinating mix of industrial history, diverse culture and natural beauty.

Target groups

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The camp is aimed at deafblind young people with varying degrees of hearing and visual impairment. Many of them have not met any identification figures, so this camp provides an important learning space. The participants are between 18 and 38 years old. Special attention is given to people from different backgrounds, including BIPoC, Queer and people with further impairments.


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The inspirational motto of the event is: “Yes, my identity is deafblind. What’s your excuse?”. It encourages participants to be proud of their deafblindness and challenges others to reconsider their prejudices. The motto aims to promote acceptance and strength in the community and raise awareness that deafblindness is an essential part of identity. It ties in with last year’s motto “Deafblind, so what!” and highlights the importance of accepting the identity of deafblind people.


Logo: EDBY Camp

The camp logo of 2024 is rich in symbolism and is shown in a 2D sketch with three different colours. Yellow represents the vitality and determination of the deafblind, while turquoise symbolises the resilience and solidarity of the deafblind community. White in the background is a tribute to the culture of blind people. The logo features intersecting half moons, which remind us of eagle claws and refer to tactile communication. The crossing circles with diagonal lines stand for limited vision in opposite to the eagles. At the top, three turquoise circles reminding of water drops symbolise the growth and spread of the deafblind community, challenging stereotypes and promoting strength.


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The program, carefully designed by deafblind team members, is extremely diverse. The 11-day camp is based on a pedagogical concept of non-formal education, where participants are active learners rather than passive listeners. It includes activities, games, art, performances and parties. Each session lasts about 1 hour before there is a break. Here is a simple program and the official schedule will be sent to registered participants.


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The accommodation in Ruhr Metropolis is a place to learn, come together and trust. It has 212 beds, seminar rooms, enjoy common rooms, an impressive large hall and a beautiful outdoor area. The house is surrounded by a nature reserve and offers good cuisine that also caters for special dietary needs. The accommodation creates an atmosphere where participants can feel at home.


Participants can comfortably arrive at Dusseldorf Airport on 21 July and complete their journey on 31 July. Various transport options, including long-distance trains and long-distance buses, lead to the airport. There is also a shuttle service between the meeting point and the campsite. Transport reimbursement options are maybe available for participants and someone will receive the detailed information about the meeting point if the participants registered.


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A group of trained awareness team will be present throughout the camp to ensure that discrimination and violence in any form will not be tolerated. Their role is to prevent potential conflicts and seek solutions when they arise. Every participant has the right to make their own decisions and to be heard. We place great emphasis on creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected.


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The participation costs vary depending on the country of origin and are listed in a clear table (see Link). The table will be published shortly. These costs include participation in the programmes, meals and accommodation. We would like to emphasise that the participation of a deafblind assistance is free of charge. Detailed information on costs and dates can be found in the corresponding table. We encourage interested persons to inform themselves and plan well in advance.


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A total of 60 deafblind participants can take part in the camp. Only 2 participants from one country! Each country has a cooperating organisation, which you can find in the list (see Link). You should contact this organisation. They will select the participants and the participants can register until 15th May 2024. Additional people can be registered on the waiting list. You will receive the anonymous registration form from the organisation in your country. As soon as places are available and the conditions of participation are met, you can move up.


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If you have any general questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email. Our contact information can be found on our website. For registered participants, a dedicated contact person will be appointed to deal with all issues related to deafblindness support, transport and food. We are always committed to providing you with the best possible support and ensuring that your stay at the European Deafblind Youth Camp goes as smoothly as possible.





The camp is supported by four important organisations. These include the “European Deafblind Union” (EDbU), the “Taubblinden-Verband” (TBV) e.V. and the “Deutsche Gehörlosen-Jugend” (DGJ) e.V. The logo below lists the organisations individually from left to right and includes a link to the homepage.

Logo of European Deafblind Union
Logo of Deutschen Gehörlosen-Jugend